• Image of FTMOTS - Into The Well
  • Image of FTMOTS - Into The Well
  • Image of FTMOTS - Into The Well
  • Image of FTMOTS - Into The Well
  • Image of FTMOTS - Into The Well

Release Date: 26.10.15...

From The Mouth Of The Sun continue to fly at the highest possible altitude with their new release for Fluid Audio, ‘Into The Well’. Succeeding 2012’s critically lauded 'Woven Tide', Aaron Martin and Dag Rosenqvist hone their combined clarity and depth into a raw strength matched by few of their contemporaries. A triumph of sparse destructive simplicity, ‘Into The Well’ is an uncompromising and evocative tribute to sacrifice.

Since 2005, Gothenburg based musician Dag Rosenqvist's work has graced imprints including Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Under The Spire, Lampse, Lidar, Slaapwel, Kning Disk, Dead Pilot Records, Lowpoint, and Rural Colors.

Since 2006, Kansas based composer Aaron Martin's work has found its rightful home on labels such as Preservation, Mobeer, Experimedia, Type, Under The Spire, and Sonic Meditations. 

Fluid Audio are proud to partner with From The Mouth Of The Sun in a deluxe limited edition customised package that includes:

- Original vintage (1950's) interceptor/plotter maps/pilots kit
- 2 x detachable numbered map plates
- 5 x luxury double sided A6 prints
- Hand typed/numbered glassine bags
- 2 x CD
- Original vintage (1940's) Air Ministry Meteorological Office information
- Original vintage (1930's) aviation notes by C G Burge
- Original inspection stamps
- Housed/sealed in vintage stamped wax bags
- Scent
- Download code

Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K Mastering, featuring vocal contributions by Dawn Smithson & Jerker Lund and horns by Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø & Jenny Olsson, ‘Into The Well’ could be the event physical release of the year!

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